Mass schedule


11:00 Mass in Norwegian
18:00 Mass in Norwegian
19:00 Mass in Polish


18:00 Sunday Mass in Norwegian

1st Saturday of the month at 19: Mass in Polish and Fatima prayers


08:00 Mass in Polish
09:30 Mass in English
11:00 Solemn Mass in Norwegian
13:00 Mass in Polish
14:30 Mass in Vietnamese
17:30 Mass in English
19:00 Mass in Polish

Masses in other languages

Italian Mass: 1st Saturday of month at 5 pm.
French Mass: 2nd Saturday of month at 4.30 pm, see schedule.
Spanish Mass: 2nd Sunday of month at 4 pm and 4th Saturday of month at 3 pm.
Burmese Mass: 3rd Saturday of month at 2 pm.
Lithuanian Mass: 3rd Saturday of month at 4 pm.
Tamil Mass: 3rd Sunday of month at 4 pm.
Filipino/Tagalog Mass: 4th Sunday of month at 4 pm.
Croatian Mass: ask the parish office.


  • Wednesday after Polish Mass (ca 19.30-20)
  • Thursdays after Norwegian Mass  (ca. 18.30-19)
  • Fridays from 3 to 6 pm.


Half an hour before most masses, or by appointment with one of the priests.


  • On the 3rd Sunday of the month, the Norwegian and Vietnamese mass are family-friendly.
  • The youth group SKUF will have youth masses every month.


1st Saturday of the month: Norwegian Mass at 5 pm, catechesis from 3.30 pm.
Katechezy rozpoczynac sie beda o godz 15:30 i trwac beda do godz.16:45.

2nd Saturday of the month: Polish Mass at 6 pm.


4th Saturday of the month: Polish Mass at 6 pm.