Registration for Masses


Dear Parishioners, 

As you know, the authorities have opened up to events with a maximum of 50 participants. The provisions allow all congregations to celebrate Masses again with the same conditions (max 50 people, no exceptions!). 

For St. Svithun Parish, Stavanger 

We will celebrate several Masses both in the church and in St. Joseph’s local (entrance by parking). Since the number of attendance is only 50 people for each Mass, it also means that anyone wishing to attend the Masses must register digitally to the parish office.  

With a parish of over 14,000 members, these restrictions make it impossible for everyone to attend Mass every weekend. I would therefore recommend that older people, children who have not received 1st Communion and vulnerable groups for infection, follow the Masses digitally through live-streaming at I also attach the letter from Bishop Bernt Eidsvig Can.Reg, Bishop of Oslo and Apostolic Administrator of the Trondheim diocese, on the Easter Obligation. This was read both during the sermon or before the ending of the Mass last Sunday, 3rd of May. (Attachment 1). 


The procedure for registration for participation in the Sunday Masses at St. Svithun:

The measures is valid from 7th of May – 16th of June

  • Sign up must be in writing. Below you will see a list of emails for registration. 
  • When registering, this information must be included: participant’s name and telephone number (for example – Name: p. Phu. Telephone number 1235678). All individuals or the household must be registered in the same way (all names must be sent in, but you can send more than one name in each email). A household consists of parents and children living in the same address. Relatives who have a different address are considered to be their own household. 
  • Registration must be done by Thursdays at 8 pm. This means that you will not automatically be registered for every week, but will have to send a new registration for each week. 
  • You will receive a confirmation email on Fridays stating which Mass, date and venue (church or St. Joseph local) for participation.
  • When registering, it is possible to wish for a specific timeHowever there is no guarantee that you will get it and the schedule may vary from week to week.
  • At the entrance to the Mass, you get a number. The benches / chairs used are also numbered. You have to sit by seat number with 1 meter distance to other people (this does not apply to members in the same household).
  • The church: only the main entrance will be open. It opens 10 minutes before the Mass begins. The door closes as the Mass begins, and it will not be possible to be admitted in on delays. There will be guards at the main entrance and emergency exits.
  • Important! No parking in the church area. When parking: use parking on the other side of the church, parking garage or street parking where permitted. 


Overview of Mass times (celebrated with 50 participants): 


08.30 hr: Polish 

13.00 hrNorwegian

13.00 hr: Vietnamese 

15.00 hrEnglish

15.00 hr: Polish 

16.30 hr: Spanish 

16.30 hr: Philippine 

18.00 hrNorwegian 

19.30 hr: Polish 


08.00 hrPolish 

09.00 hr: English 

10.30 hr: Norwegian 

12.00 hr: Polish 

13.30 hrVietnamese

13.30 hr: Polish 

15.00 hrNorwegian 

16.30 hrSpanish (2nd and 4th Sundays) Philippine (1st and 3rd Sundays)

16.30 hr: Vietnamese 

18.00 hrEnglish 

19.30 hrPolish 

Masses on Saturdays and Sundays are both celebrated as Sunday Masses in the Church Liturgical Year – Year A. 

Daily Mass is celebrated at 11 AM (Norwegian), at 6 PM (Norwegian) and at 7 PM (Polish). No registration required. However the door will be closed when attendance reach 50 people. 


The following emails are used for registration (for registration only): 

For participation of Masses in Norwegian: 

For participation of Masses in English: 

For participation of Masses in Polish:

For participation of Masses in Vietnamese: 

For participation of Masses in Philippine: 

For participation of Masses in Spanish: 


Confessions are made in agreement with the priest and will held in Peisestuen. Baptism is possible with less than 50 participants and 1 meter distance, from 11th of May, this is valid until June 16th. If you have any questions, please contact: or by phone: 51 51 70 20. 


In Christ, 

DominikusNguyen Thanh Phu 

Parish Priest 


Attachment 1: 

Bishop Bernt Eidsvig on Easter Obligation: – Christ comes to all who will receive him 

To limit the corona infection, the Easter Obligation can be fulfilled until The Feast of the Holy Cross, September 14. 


On March 12, I suspended the Mass obligation of the faithful  to express myself legally. Since that time, I have been receiving a fair amount of questions as to whether I really have the opportunity to do so, and how long it is sustainable to maintain such a decision. 

The questions are good because they reveal a longing to attend the Mass and receive the Communion. The word “Obligation” is often associated with something negative or unpleasant. But from the time of the apostles to our own, Sunday is a feast and a meeting with the Risen Lord – and all who together with us make up His Church. 

The Resurrected Lord comes to the fellowship of believers, the first Passover, when he appears to the apostles and women at the tomb – and at every Celebrated Mass throughout Church history. For those who believe, it is, of course, no sacrifice to meet Him with the priests and community of believers. Augustine’s words: You are what you receive, the Body of Christ, describes very accurately this divine and human community. And how could we live our faith if we do not want to meet the Lord in the Sacrament, in the Community of the Saints? 

As a bishop, I have an extensive dispensing authority; as a bishop and a citizen, I have an obligation to protect everyone who participates in the Celebration of the Mass from serious danger of infection, based on the provisions of our government. It is not the freedom of belief and of gathering that it will limit, but the effect of a dangerous virus. I had been looking forward to the many Confirmations that were planned this year, and it is with sadness I must state that they cannot be completed. The greater the joy when it can happen. 

This coming Thursday, “events” will be opened with up to 50 participants. The provision to keep a distance of one meter applies unconditionally, but we have not yet been able to determine how the communion can be distributed in a dignified and, at the same time, medically justified way. We are working on this. 

My hope is that the Mass is gradually made available to as many people as possible until the pandemic is finally tamed. This means that many must still stay in need for a time to comeand if necessary, may be present at the Mass without being able to receive the sacrament. The Mass Obligation does not, however, entail any obligation to receive the Communion, except once a year, the so-called Easter Obligation (cf. Canon 920).  

Under the present circumstances, I declare that this obligation of this year can be fulfilled until the Feast of the Holy Cross, September 14. 

When, for various reasons, it is not possible to attend the Sunday Mass, it does not mean that keeping the Sabbath is excluded. The Sunday Masses in many of our churches are “live-streaming,” and have become a valuable foundation in many believers’ lives. The Bible verses and the liturgical texts are available (eg. at; the rosary and May-prayers are recommended. Many have good experiences with a conversation about the Sunday Gospel and praying together in the family, to name a few examples. 

No matter how much we miss the Mass and the community, there is no need to despair. Christ comes to all who will receive him; he hears our prayer and knows our distress. If the receiving of the Sacrament is not possible, then our longing is holy, and our need is a blessing.  

I pray God bless and protect you all. 


+Bernt Eidsvig 

Bishop of Oslo and Apostolic Administrator to Trondheim 

Oslo, May 2nd 2020.